Korean Middle & High School ESL Teacher

ESL Teacher Wanted for Secondary School

Long summer and winter vacations – full pay

Contract Length: August 16, 2018 – February. 29, 2020 on a full-time position

( ※ Contract is renewable based on work performance )

• Working schedule : from Monday to Friday

• Working hours: 40 hours per week, including 20 teaching hours, 45minutes each class


• Bachelor’s Degree

• TWO years English teaching experience post degree in school setting, prior to application

• Hold a TEFL/TESOL/CELTA Certification (or similar)

• Native English Speaker from US, Canada, Ireland, UK, New Zealand, Australia, South Africa

( Requirement of Chinese Government )

• Evidence you are in good health

• Good role model to students and showing professional conduct

• It is important that you can show that you are sociable, dynamic, inspiring, energetic, and organized.

Salary (※ Before Tax)

Salary depending on years of experience, degrees and teacher credentials.

• The Base Salary: 11,500RMB/month (100 RMB = about 15.96USD)

• Experience Benefits (Highest one only)

– TEFL, TESOL : 500RMB/month

– CELTA : 700RMB/month

– MASTER 1000RMB/month


•    Additional Benefits

–    Housing Allowance: 3,300RMB/month

–    Research Benefit: 1000RMB/month

–    Expenses for VISA, Medical Examination, Flight Allowance*, and Lunch at school

* Flight ticket will be paid when you arrive and start working at DKIS.

Return ticket is paid when you complete the contract successfully.


Age Restrictions

• Age Limit : 58 ( China has an age and citizenship limits for work permit )

Application Documents Required

Please email the following prior to interview

• Curriculum VITAE (downloadable on DKIS webpage)

• One Recommendation Letter

• Teaching Philosophy (Including teaching experience, strategies must be explained in detail)

• Photo Copy of Diploma & TEFL/TESOL/CELTA certification OR Teacher License


How to Apply 

Interested applicants should submit their application details.

• Application Deadline: Open until filled

Application Documents Needed to be Notarized 

Successful applicants should submit the following documents for work permit. They must be NOTARIZED By CHINESE EMBASSY. ‘The Notice of Acceptance’ can be ANNULLED in case any Related Document for Submission and Interview are later found to be false.

•  A  Criminal Records check, dated within the last 6 months

•  Degree Certification

•  TEFL/TESOL/CELTA Certification*

* in case of the applicant from SOUTH AFRICA, Teacher License must be notarized instead

( Requirement of Chinese Government)

•  Marital Status & Birth Certificate (in case of accompanied by family)


Medical Examinations for VISA

It must be performed by one of the Designated medical practitioners by CHINESE EMBASSY and the scan file of the result must be submitted with Chest X-ray Film.


Dalian Korean International School