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I recruit for a company called TAL. Tomorrow Advancing Life (NYSE: TAL) is a leading education and technology enterprise in China, the core development goals of which are being technology-driven, talent-centred, and quality-focused. Since its establishment, TAL is committed to integrating technologies and the Internet into education in order to deliver a better study experience for children. TAL continuously strives to promote educational progress through cutting-edge technologies. TAL has may sub-brands, including Speiyou,, Izhikang, First Leap, Mobby, Lewaijiao,,,and The conditions at each of these are pretty much the same.

The main website:

The main recruiter I work for sends teachers in a few directions: online with a few of their companies (as listed above), depending on age, OR for US-qualified elementary teachers there are a few other, more well-paid options, suited to your skills. It makes no difference to you financially if you choose to use me to represent you or send an email directly to one of the companies. If you choose to go through me, I will help answer your questions, help you with the interview process, the two three demo lessons and anything else that may arise. As I said before, make note of my name as I will be around for a while and I stand by my reputation.

NOTE: this online company pays better than the others. In return, they expect the best professionals in the industry and require a solid commitment towards their goals.


Degree needed or you can still be at university, finishing your degree.

Only native speakers need apply and they must hold a passport from a native speaking country.

Teachers can teach from the comfort of their own homes, anywhere in the world, so long as they have a relatively good bandwidth (directly wired connections only, no wi fi). Your speed on Oookla should be at least 30Mbps upload and download. You will require a Windows OS.

The hours of instruction are 5 – 10PM Beijing time. Classes are 40 minutes long and 1:1 teaching of kids Grades 1 – 5, depending on the age group you request. NO PREPARATION is required as all lessons come with lesson plans and a PPT. The materials were developed by Cambridge University Press for this company. You use the software provided by the company, it allows for great interaction via cam, mic and interactive whiteboard.

Pay is $20 – $23 per hour and there are bonuses for doing your brief feedback within 24 hours. You are also paid for training, attending meetings and at a non-teaching rate when a student has not picked your class and time slot. You will not find these conditions elsewhere.

To apply, send me you CV, a recent professional photo and a letter of introduction that outlines your educational journey, teaching style, love of kids etc. My email address:

If you have any burning questions, feel free to send me a PM here, I am always happy to help!